Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Heartline Cafe

Oh my, folks. If you are ever near Sedona, you high tail it over to Heartline Cafe on Highway 89A, just west of the "Y." (Ask a local- there's only one road through town, and then it splits off.) J and I stopped there for lunch today, because our local guide promised fresh, local, organic food. I'm not sure much of anything is "local" in January, but the owners grow the herbs at home, and edible flowers out front. All meat was free-range and organic, and everything was incredible. We started with a basket of fresh homemade rolls served with a tomato-vegetable puree. Very healthy, and VERY good. My meal consisted of a field greens house salad with chili-ranch dressing, followed by a bowl of orrechiette pasta with roasted butternut squash, fresh chives, and marinated shiitake and portobella mushrooms. J had a marinated/grilled chicken sandwich, red cabbage cole slaw, and fresh sweet potato chips. In fact, we had agreed before hand that I would eat the chips since he despises sweet potatoes in all forms, but he LIKED these! They were thin sliced, salted, and oven-baked. The cafe has been in business since 1991, and the owners finally got tired of sending postcards all over the world in response to recipe requests. They published their first cookbook in 2000, and we purchased a copy. Yes, it was THAT good. The only restaurant that has come close is Sea Star, in Bellevue. And doesn't that tell you something?

Oh, and please- go for lunch. The prices are at least half of the dinner menu, and the portions are great. In fact, neither one of us could face dinner tonight!

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