Monday, September 13, 2010

Review: Mallard Ice Cream, Bellingham WA


(Two scoops of Lavender Chocolate ice cream)

Oh, my friends. I have a problem. A few weeks ago, we took a (very tasty) trip to Richmond, BC. On the way home, my devious Sister in Law and I snatched the GPS away from my husband (the driver) and programmed in a short pit-stop. In Bellingham, WA.


Now, there’s nothing in Bellingham, except for Western Washington University…and Mallard Ice Cream.


This wouldn’t be a problem, except that now that I’ve tasted the best ice cream in the world…I can’t possibly be expected to ever buy a carton of ice cream from the grocery store again!


In a stroke of genius, I sent in the (now thoroughly disgruntled) driver and his sister to pick out two bowls of ice cream for the four adults in the car to share. I volunteered to stay behind with the sleeping babies. (The remaining adult, my Father in Law, quickly abandoned ship when he realized he would be stuck in a warm car with just sleeping babies to look at.)


My husband, Lo Gung, came back changed. He was ranting and raving like a man possessed. Basil Raspberry! Vanilla and Black Pepper! Lavender and Coconut!


Mallard Ice Cream, supposedly, has over 500 flavors under its belt, but only 30 (or so) are for sale on any given day. They will happily give you a spoonful of this, or of that, for as long as it takes you to make up your mind…and even have a special scoop for “undecideds” – Half this, and half that!

We ended up with two bowls. One Lavender and Chocolate Chunk and the other Coconut Chocolate Chunk.


Both? Were out of this world amazing.


Which is why I can’t bring myself to buy ice cream anymore. *sigh*


If you ever find yourself on I-5, in Northern Washington State, make sure to stop by Mallard Ice Cream! You’ll be glad you did!


  1. Well, you could always, you know, Make Your Own.


    I figure since you cook your meals, bake your own bread, can your fruits and vegs, and do many more things in the kitchen, you can make your own ice cream.

    I'm just trying to get to the point where I make my own bread. You'll let us know how the ice cream turns out, won't you? :)

  2. Su has a point. When are you going to come and borrow the ice cream maker?

  3. Yeah, Mallard's pretty much awesome. :D