Monday, March 14, 2011

Our Favorite Chocolate Cake

So, this is just for your benefit. A sort of public service announcement. (Ok, and it’s for me, too, so I don’t lose track of these recipes.)


If you are looking for an awesome chocolate cake recipe, go here. It’s absolutely, positively awesome. Perfect for cupcakes and layer cakes.

January 2011 022

You’re welcome.


(PS – If you want my favorite white cake recipe, go here.)



You’re welcome!


  1. Love that Hershey's recipe! I'm looking forward to trying Dorie's cake recipe--just got her book after seeing your recent post.

  2. My husband's aunt (my aunt-in-law?) gave me this recipe awhile back--her daughter requests it for every birthday.

  3. Two things:

    1. These photos are making my mouth water! I think I'll run, not walk, to the store for the ingredients!!
    2. Your blog is my new obsession. This could potentially be life-changing! So many great recipes - where to start?

    So excited to follow! xoxo, Erika

  4. I sooooo NEED one of these in my life..... it looks absolutely brill..