Saturday, August 16, 2008

MKMW - My Home Week

I have to admit - this week was kind of tough! Lo Gung was traveling all week, and it was really hard to get up the gumption to make an entire meal...for myself and a toddler. I think we did pretty well, though! I wanted to make something that felt "Southern." I don't think my grandmother's roots get NEARLY enough tabletime in my house. I wanted to explore my Welsh roots with a faux-sausage recipe I found this week, too, but I just ran out of time! There is still a quarter of my loaf of bread left, and we're going to toast it and eat it with my father's Crab Dip recipe tonight. Yummy!
On the menu -
Pioneer Woman's Yogurt Chicken (adapted, because I wanted to use what I had on hand*)
Garlic Creamed Spinach
Mashed Carrots (with a little whole milk and brown sugar)
No-Knead Bread with Blueberry preserves
* I omitted the fresh parsley from the yogurt mixture and used seasoned (regular) breadcrumbs...again, it's what I had on hand. I also used a few chicken drumsticks, instead of chicken breasts. YUCK. My meat ended up tasting really gamey, but I think it was a meat issue rather than a preparation issue. I'll definitely use boneless, skinless chicken breasts next time!


  1. What a wonderful meal! The spinach and carrots sound especially yummy.

    I can totally relate to not feeling up to cooking a big meal for just myself and the kids (baby, toddler, & preschooler) mainly because mine get so picky at times and I know they'd be happier with a simple sandwich than fancy dinner.

    Thank you for the comment on the Honey French Bread, you do have to mix, knead, let rest, rise, punch down, shape, rise again, then bake.

    I will have to try your no knead bread, it looks perfect!

  2. That no knead bread seems to be a really popular recipe - I have yet to try it, but plan to sometime soon!

    Kudos to you for fixing the meal for you and your toddler. I know the same feeling! (just no toddler around - only a 21 year old son who needs feeding!)