Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crunchy Mushy Pudding Treat

So imagine this scenario if you will:

You are sitting at your computer when suddenly it occurs to you: It's dessert time.

You aren't sure how you know, but you are certain beyond any doubt that it is dessert time, that sacred and holy time in which our bodies must be given a sweet and satisfying treat or we will never sleep well, have nightmares and probably be eaten by the boogyman who lives under our bed and in our closet AT THE SAME TIME (his dipresence adds to the holy scary factor)

You go upstairs and your family has eaten the last of the pie. That's ok it was a terrible pie anyways. BUT there is a bigger problem. The only ice cream left is a small dab of strawberry. Not enough to eat a milkshake and not good enough to eat alone. This is a predicament.

Open fridge.
Close fridge.
Open freezer.
Close freezer.
Wander around aimlessly in a lost and deeply restless manner.
Open fridge.

...well you get the idea.

Suddenly, a light bulb appears! Oh yes folks, grand ideas are appearing... still a little fuzzy.. what is it... OH YES! It's PUDDING!

That is brilliant! A GRAND idea!

Wait... no it's not. It's pudding. Anyone who calls pudding grand has pathetically lowered their standards beyond reasonable bounds.

Ok pudding is a building block. A mushy, passably flavorful building block in the grand idea that must occur lest we be eaten by the dipresent boogyman (hope you didn't forget about him did you? Your life IS on the line you know)

We need more flavor... bananas? Ok sure but that texture! You have two mushy things together it'll never work... you should only be eating something that mushy at the beginning and the end of your life, basically when you don't have teeth.

I have teeth, so it won't work.. we need something more.... something... oh. Yes. I see. I got it. I know the answer. Wouldn't you like to know the answer? Luckily I'm a really nice guy. I'll tell you.

Check it ya'll

Crunchy Mushy Pudding Parfait of Excellence

Pudding (I used Vanilla, and I think it'll work best)
Chocolate Chips (Or broken Hershey's, or any crunchy chocolate in small bits)
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup (Optional)

In a suitable parfait dish, put a sufficient layer of pudding in the bottom (~half an inch)
On top of pudding, put one layer of sliced banana (Thin slices)
On top of banana put a smattering of chocolate chips, not quite enough to cover the banana layer.
On chocolate chips put a bit of Hershey's syrup, again do NOT make a full layer, just squeeze a bit in for flavor.
New layer of pudding.

I recommend only using the Hershey's on every OTHER banana/chocolate layer (Which for most parfait dishes will only mean the bottom of the two layers ;-)

On the top do some sort of nice looking finish (It'll taste better, trust me). I did 2-3 slices of banana scattered (not a layer) and 4-5 chocolate chips just thrown on.

It was beautiful (padres can attest) and it was delicious (I can attest).

Best of all, I'll be able to wake up tomorrow morning. Take that boogyman, your days are through!

ho ho ho


  1. Oh dear- please don't ever let Ernie see this concoction! She'll never settle for plain pudding again (which, by the way, has almost the same calories as her yogurt.)

  2. Are you sure YOU aren't preggers, Mr. Ted?? Hahaha...sounds delicious!!

    How'd you get the recipe indented like that?

  3. Hah that's partially why I wanted to make sure I put this up, since myrnie has been so in to textures lately.

    I got the recipe to do that by using the blockquote command... I use html so it's < blockquote > without spaces and then < /blockquote > without spaces at the end, but you can also just select it all and press quote at the top of the editing screen :)

  4. Oh my. I shouldn't have come here this early in the morning...but I am so glad I did. ;-) Love this!!