Saturday, January 12, 2008

Romios Pizza and Pasta

Romios Pizza and Pasta

3615 Factoria Blvd
Bellevue, WA 98006 map
district: Bellevue

Tel. +1 425.747.3000

Oh, children, children, children.....I think I may have found the perfect pizza joint! It is delicious, loud (we could take children there, and nobody would notice) and close to Factoria Mall.

Louh Gung and I hit the road, sans baby (thanks, Mom!) in search of sustenance. We intended to go to Applebee's, where we have gift certificates. (Do they have a religion for those? A support group? I swear, we could live on the things!) As we circled the parking lot, trying to find a place that five people weren't already waiting for, I happened to glance inside the Applebee's window. Sweet peanut butter pie! There was a crowd of people, just waiting for their seats, almost overflowing the restaurant foyer. We quickly decided free wasn't worth a long (hungry) wait, so we turned around and considered our options.

When, what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But a new pizza joint, and it was across the street, quite near!
What used to be Prestos, serving old noodles and spaghetti,
Is now a new pasta place, where things aren't sitting there, ready.
There are cooks in the kitchen, and enormous menus on the wall.
With pizza and pasta, there is something for all.
The place it was packed, so we knew it was tasty.
We checked out the menu - we couldn't be hasty!
We ordered a pizza, to share, if you please.
It had garlic, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, pesto and cheese!
We topped off our order with a full Garlic Cheese Bread.
The marinara for dipping just went to our heads!
We ate with a relish, enjoying every bite.
As we prepared to leave, in the bill there was no fright.
$18 for two, that's really not bad,
When you consider the food and the fun that we had.

So if you're heading to the movies, or just to the mall,
be sure to check out Romios - there is something for all!

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