Thursday, December 17, 2009

It should have been delicious...

...instead, it was bland and tasted vaguely of onions.

I attempted to make a breakfast casserole for a church breakfast. I used homemade bread, handfuls of dried cranberries, a few chopped (local) apples and eggnog for the creamy, creamy base. Salt was thrown in for some variety and contrast. I added a few fresh eggs to make it into a lovely custard, and baked it until the top was nice and golden.

I was so proud of my dish. I took it to the party, and placed it on the table. Takers were few, but I assumed that was because they couldn't know that it was an eggnog casserole. Had they known, it would have been devoured on the spot!

When I finally found my way to the table and tasted a bite...I knew I had created a Catastrophic Fail. How could the above mentioned ingredients be combined to create something so completely bland...and reminiscent of onions.

Could it be the onions I chopped on the board a few days prior? Had their evil vapors somehow made their way into the apples? Or the bread that was chopped on the same board as well? Did it simply suffer from a lack of salt?

Dear readers, help me out here. How did a lovely Eggnog Breakfast Casserole turn out tasting like...Bland Onion Catastrophe??
For the record, here's my recipe. Seriously - any idea why this wasn't delicious??! Maybe some lemon juice would have helped...or more eggnog spices, to make it more pronounced.
1 loaf stale bread, cubed (1 lb)
2 apples, chopped
1 cup Craisins
6 eggs
1 1/2 cup eggnog
1 tsp. salt
Bake at 350
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  1. Sorry, I have nothing helpful to say.... but it does look delicious!

  2. Yeah, I'm with Dad on this one: Needs at least a cup of sugar :)

  3. I'm behind, no news there. But since you shared those two muffin recipes I've been wandering around here ... making mental lists!

    I know what's wrong with this: raisins. Yep, that's right. Or, as I call 'em ... dead grapes. ;) Sorry, no constructive help here. Raisins (yick!) get me every time and I have to make snide comments. And yes, my mother did raise me better.

    BTW, I have a killer stuffed french toast recipe that is similar (without the raisins and eggnog) if you'd like it. Emi loves it so much I now have to make the full batch for our tiny family of three. She eats both of us under the table ... and did the first time I made it. When she was 10 months old and had zero teeth. Yeah, stubborn streak a mile wide.

    Wow, it's a novel. Sorry about that! :)