Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review: Our Best Bites (Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade)


(Woohoo! Amateur photography skills + low light = blurry cover shots! Oy. But you get the idea.)


(Amazing lemonade recipe, clever layout with serving size, a note telling you this is a make-ahead kind of recipe and ideas for variations.)


(Ingredients for amazing lemonade recipe. The secret ingredient is missing from this picture though…)


Recently, I was at a church function where a bunch of ladies got together to learn how to put together hanging baskets. We wanted to make refreshments that would highlight herbs you could grow at home. I made these lavender brownies, and someone else made some scrumptious lemon bars. (Hey! You CAN grow lemons indoors!) The hostess told me she had found a great recipe for lemonade and asked me to mix it up while she was finishing the final prep work for the evening’s lesson. I was pretty tickled when she pulled out the new Our Best Bites cookbook, written by Kate Jones and Sara Wells. Both girls used to attend this congregation, and we all have fond memories of them and are INSANELY proud of them. (Their cookbook, by the way, ought to hit ALL the Costco warehouses nationwide sometime this week. Talk about awesome! The book is also on sale right now on, even lower than last week when I bought mine!)


I was excited to try the recipe, because I accidentally left my copy of the book at my sister’s house on Mother’s Day, and haven’t been able to really get into it yet. Boo. And this recipe? Did not disappoint.


The original recipe calls for making a simple syrup, and flavoring it with lemon and lime juices, then adding some mint. You let that steep, and then strain the mint out. The resulting syrup is then mixed with ice water to make lemonade. I didn’t have that much time, so we used super-fine bakers sugar mixed into cold water, plus lemon juice and lime juice. I washed the mint and threw it into the pitcher. When it was time to serve the lemonade, we put some ice into a pitcher and strained the lemonade into that.


It. Was. Amazing. I think I had four glasses. At first, people couldn’t pinpoint the mint in the mix. It was subtle, but gave it an extra little kick that was totally addicting.


If you see this cookbook at Costco this week, I highly recommend it! You can also find the cute girls blogging over at Our Best Bites.


PS – I was not paid, recompensed or otherwise acknowledged for writing this review. As I said, I know the girls who wrote this cookbook and want to try out their recipes and let you guys know about it. That is all. Thanks!


  1. Have you tried their Brazilian Lemonade? We inhaled it last week. Delicious!

  2. I LOVE fresh-squeezed lemonade! I have a recipe that my mother-in-law gave much better than store bought. Meyer lemons are the BEST! <3 your blog!!

  3. I LOVE fresh-squeezed lemonade! And, Meyer lemons are out of this world! My mother-in-law has a great home-made recipe. I'm not sure why anyone buys it from the store (unless to save on time). Although, this isn't even that time-consuming :) <3 your blog!!!

  4. I wish I could have come to the activity! Planting baskets, cooking with herbs...two of my favorite things! Becca gave me a miniature indoor lemon tree for my birthday this year- I cannot WAIT to see a lemon on that thing!

  5. At our recipe night the other night we had 2 drink recipes from this cookbook... the Brazilian Lemonade/Limeade was DELICIOUS... if it is going to be at Costco, I will be getting it!

  6. Hi, just found your delightful blog. How good lemonaide sounds at this time of year! Also, your Lavender Bites sound so good!